Action-attainment is about enabling neurodiverse young people with speech, language, communication and sensory needs to achieve and have active lives. Led by Samantha Silver, the organisation builds on Sam's personal and professional experience of supporting children, and their families, to have fun and learn in and out of school.


Action-attainment works directly with families, professionals, schools and with community groups to provide shared understanding, strategies and opportunities for learning, play and friendships.


Sam has worked in the community since 2002 building a network of families and professionals in SW London who are dedicated to improving lives of children by working together. The programmes offered by Action-attainment are evidence based and delivered in partnership with therapists, schools and Brentford FC Community Sports Trust.  Action-attainment's training involves parents and young people who are 'Experts by Experience' in explaining the impact of inclusion strategies on their daily lives.



 "I have learned to concentrate more."

pupil at Grey Court School participating in the Alert Programme


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