Parent Detectives & Navigating Inclusion - It starts in primary school

 Six on-line sessions, supported by Richmond Parish Lands

‘A brilliant course with great speakers and made me feel positive about moving to secondary school.’


‘I am meeting with my child’s school this week and I will use a lot of this info for our meeting’ 


‘Excellent workshop. Very instructive to hear different experiences’


‘Action-attainment has a strong track record of delivering high quality programmes,’ Sarah Herbert, head of school improvement, Achieving for Children


Participant and Commisioner Feedback

Action-attainment's annual, on-line workshop programme, to help parents and teachers understand inclusion strategies for neurodiverse children. How lessons from primary school provide inforamtion for secondary school and beyond with, or without, an EHCP. The workshops are especially relevent now that EHCPs extend to 25 enabling families to plan access to education pathways in FE colleges. Use our CONTACT form for further information.


Support from Richmond Parish Lands Charity will help Act-attain to run these invaluable workshops between October and December 2023.  



How observation and detective work at primary school leads into planning pupil passports for secondary school transition and further education experiencing strategies for life.


Course leaders, Sam Silver, CEO and Tom SIlver, Trainer, Action-attainment CIC




What is the impact of a child's individual cognitive, sensory, social and communication profile on their educational and future path. Which reports can help provide evidence of need and support strategies. 


Sensory/Motor Development, OT Reports, how they can help

Course leader, Nicola Johns, Specialist Occupational Therapist


Revealing Communication, SLT Reports, how can they help 

Course leaders, Tina Meagher and Nicky Masterson, Specialist Speech and Language Therapists


What is it with this child? EP Reports, how can they help
Course leader, Valerie Hero, Specialist Educational Psychologist
Parent Panel. Three parents explain how they worked with teachers and other professionals to identify and put in place strategies to help their child's transition to secondary school. The parents have experience of education in mainstream, private and specialist secondary schools.
Course leader, Sam SIlver, Action-attainment CIC




Legal workshop. When do parents need to get legal help to secure support for their child's education. Geldards, Head of Educational Law, Adam Friel explains children's rights and the development of Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs). These now extend to cover supported education at college for 19-25year olds opening new opportunities for access to training courses.  

Course leader, Adam Friel, Head of Education Law, Geldards




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