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'Great to meet up for sports groups in the holidays'


'Do more paddleboarding (a lot)'


'Thank you so much for letting my daughter participate over the last couple of days – she seems to be standing at least 2 inches taller!!'


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A range of kayaking, paddleboard, tennis, golf and ball skills activities are planned for July 26th to August 4th 2020.

Please Note: 2020 timetables will be published in June.

Dates and details may change.

Concessions available on request, please use our contact form. All suggested contributions are subsidised by funders.  A-a is a not-for-profit CIC, all funding is used to sustain our activity programme.


'Fun in the Sun' Summer Sport from Action-attainment & Brentford FC CST


Kayaking, Paddleboards, Cycling, Golf and Ball Sports - in the summer holidays we arrange sessions for young people and their families to have fun, build friendships and expand their involvement in community sport. In 2019 we ran our ball sport activities from Palewell Park, the venue we use for On the Ball and our weekly sport sessions for Young Adults. For those wanting to try out water sport we have a special Sunday family activity for two groups. One for parents with children aged 8+  and another for young adults to join siblings or parents to try out Paddleboards and Kayaks at Brentford Canal.


Fun in the Sun enables small groups of between four to eight young people to work with supportive coaches and enjoy positive sporting experiences. The teaching is adapted to help the participants' communication needs.  


Our water based activities for teenagers and young adults run at Brentford Lock in the afternoons between 2-4pm. Children aged 8+ can sign up for morning sessions between 10 and 11.30am.


In 2019 our ball skills and games mornings for all ages ran in age appropriate groups between 10am until 12noon at Palewell Park. We are happy for parents/carers and siblings to join our groups if this lowers a young person's anxiety and helps them participate.


Young adults can add an afternoon of cycling skills or golf to the morning's ball sports activities. Between 2pm and 4pm we use the quiet roads around Richmond Park to build skills in small groups led by Richmond cycling instructors with support from the BFC CST coach and A-a staff. In 2018 cycling proficiency included using mini-roundabouts and understanding priorities at T junctions when moving from major to minor roads as well as an ice-cream break.


Ball Skills sessions are open to children aged 5-11. Most of the children joining Fun in the Sun have participated in our  On the Ball sessions, run with BFC CST.  We often see how knowing the coaching staff who run both events builds children's confidence,  provides a clear routine, and helps participation in a new 'Summer Camp'.


We aim to build groups that have similar levels of ability and age aiming for positive experiences of Sport. Links between Action-attainment and specialist activity providers such as Knots Arts has enabled some families to follow up on a morning of exercise with an afternoon of creative activities for the 5-11 age group.   Check the Knots Arts website for details:


Fun in the Sun has been sponsored by Three Guineas Trust, since 2014. In 2018/9  we received additional funding from Richmond Parish Lands to boost the number of activities we run.  Families support the activities with payments to Action-attainment which may come from Disability Living Allowances or Direct Payments. This helps our wider work within the community. We have some additional funding for families who need help to access our activities, please contact us for details of how to apply for this. 



“Building physical strength and confidence, an opportunity for social interaction and friendships in a structured activity. This benefits the whole family over a long Summer holiday."


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