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Inset training with Action-attainment:


"So inspirational and informative. I have been on such training before but a first hand account was worth more than any course I have been on"

Nelson Primary School teaching staff commenting on Sensory Integration workshop, session led by Tom Silver


"Fantastic and inspirational presentation"

Waldegrave Secondary School teaching staff, 85% of the audience left with action plans to support pupils as a result of the training


"Mind blowing.  I would like to know that all teachers receive this kind of training too. I have had mixed feedback about my child over the years but know it is time to take action now" 

Parent feedback from an outreach workshop commissioned by the Twickenham area schools

Action-attainment brings expert advisors  in communication, sensory processing and parenting to schools.  We work with teachers, pupils and parents and our insights provide practical strategies to help children who are struggling. Early intervention, tailored to school and pupil needs, can boost attainment and prevent long term behavioural and mental health difficulties. Our audiences include teaching staff, parents and pupils.


Inclusion Workshop Sensory and Communication needs are discussed, their impact on behaviour is explained.  The presentation introduces  practical class room strategies  for supporting pupils' learning. The core presentation was developed by Sam Silver in collaboration with speech and language, occupational therapists and educational psychologists working in Richmond. Presented by Action-attainment the workshop provides a practical perspective on how parents and teaching staff can support children with strategies that are shared between school and home.


An Introduction to Sensory Integration and the Alert Programme (R) 

Sensory integration strategies developed out of work in the 1950s in America by Occupational Therapists and are now practiced by highly trained therapists across the world. Alert (R), is a trademarked program owned by TherapyWorks. It identifies life-long learning so that children and young people recognise when they are displaying poor attention, learning and behaviour. It provides personal strategies for use at school, home and in other settings. Presented by Action-attainment workshops can run as twilight or inset training. Speakers can include an Occupational Therapist with training in Sensory Integration and the Alert programme and Tom Silver who has used the Alert strategies at school, college and university.


Sensory Strategies and Alert Programme (R) in School Pupils learn to concentrate in class with help from an Occupational Therapist who is a specialist in sensory integration and the Alert Programme.  The six week courses are for small pupil groups and include training  for school staff and parents. Action-attainment can provide support around fund raising to pay for this training. This approach was used successfully at Grey Court School and is being introduced to Barnes Primary School in 2017/18 with funding from Barnes Workhouse Trust.


Parent Outreach, Workshops and 'On the Ball'  Schools can commission workshops for parents to support partnership working between school and home with other families and professionals.


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“I  have learned to concentrate more,” (Pupil, Grey Court school)

“Could you contact our SENCO and head to discuss whole school training u


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“Could you contact our SENCO and head to discuss whole school training using this programme?” (Teacher, ASC inclusion training)

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